Oh, what a beautiful morning…..

This morning I managed to drag my hubby out of his comfort zone (the comfiest bed in the world) to come and greet the new Jersey day.IMG_6787.JPG We travelled the coast road East and stopped to capture this view of La Hocq from the road side. IMG_6791.JPG Up close, the tower was still silhouetted against the vibrant sky.

IMG_6793.JPG And how is this for a bench with a view?

IMG_6794.JPG Just look at that sky! It was breathtaking to stand still, breathe in the slight chill of the morning air and listen to the gentle sound of the waves at high tide.

IMG_6801.JPG Further along the coast we camped out at La Rocque harbour, where the sunrise was a majestical backdrop to the curved harbour wall and Seymour Tower.

IMG_6808.JPG Even the wash of the waves on the sand were turned pink and purple hues by the dawn.

IMG_6818.JPG We sat on the cold granite sea wall, supping our flask of tea, watching the light intensify on the horizon.

IMG_6823.JPG Until finally a burst of gold crept over the sea.

IMG_6830.JPG A path of golden light raced across the glittering sea and sand to reach us.

IMG_6833.JPGAs the sun grew in strength, the sky began to to fade its exuberance in comparison.

IMG_6853.JPG A final minute of drama behind some strategically placed clouds and the day was fully born.

Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day x

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