A wander through St Lawrence

On Tuesday afternoon, making the most of the beautiful weather this week, we decided to swap the beach walk for a wander through the dappled sunlight of the lanes of St Larence.  We left the car at the parish church and set off behind the parish school. 

The lush undergrowth on the  banks of the lane was filled with navel wort, throwing up their spikes of pale flowers.

There are dangerous animals loose in St Lawrence!  This pretty gate hails the entrance to a beautiful wetland meadow nestled in the bottom of a small valley, where the water from La Fontaine St Martin flows through.

A most majestic tree en route.  There is something stunning about a fully grown tree in full, luscious, green leaf that always stops me in my tracks. 

This is the picture postcard perfect cottage of Le Rat.  This 16th century farmhouse is owned by the National Trust for Jersey. 

Opposite Le Rat sits a well that’s not a well – there’s no long drop to get to the water here – it sits on the water table. This is La Fontaine St Martin, one of Jersey’s old sacred springs, reputed to have healing properties. The date stone gives it built in 1753.

But earlier still is a random date stone, set into a nearby wall.

​No, we haven’t accidentally stepped into a Swiss mountain farm – this is our own unmissable sound of goats. I love this!

Further up the lanes we come across another National Trust for Jersey properties, Morel Farm. Outside sits a beautiful double arched entrance, leading into a cobbled yard with a variety of buildings – farmhouse, pressoir, boulangerie  and pigsties – and is still a working farm to this day.

Oh but the lanes! How stunning is this arched tunnel of green dappled light…..

Heading in a circle back towards our starting point we came across this unusual house. On one side of the house it is roofed mainly in pan tiles and the other in full thatch. Another beautiful old Jersey granite house.

Back once more to the St Lawrence Parish Church – St Louothains in Jerriais.

A small field next to the graveyard has recently been landscaped into a village community space.  Love, love, loving the willow walkway. 

The Moignard Liberation Garden was built using a bequeath from the Moignard family and opened on Liberation day this year. It’s a really lovely space with a pétanque pitch, somewhere pretty to sit and vibrant beds of shrubs and flowers. It will be lovely to see the gardens mature and the space used as the summer progresses.

All done! Time for tea and cake…..

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  1. Love these photos! This is MY Jersey. These are the colours of my beautiful island. Far superior to the washed out colours of the New Jersey Tourism video. Well done.