Adventures before breakfast!

A bright yellow sunrise with a background of vibrant red streaked with gold, rising from the dark sea
Vibrant sunrise emerging from the waves

The time is 8:06 on a Saturday morning and I’m sitting up in bed supping tea and nibbling on warm croissants.  Sounds like a deliciously lazy way to start the day, doesn’t it?  But no. That’s not how we start the day around here!

A photo taken from the cab of a camper an, looking at the road in front and driving dowards a bright red sunrise
In search of the sunrise

We woke early, and looked out of our bedroom window – instead of a bank of fog, there was blue sky and the hint of a sunrise on the horizon.  We threw some clothes on, made a quick cuppa in our travel mags, jumped into our campervan Ruby, and headed for the coast.

A bright sunrise sky, with fiery orange and golden light, reflected in the cobbled stones of the slipwat
Sunrise sky from Le Hocq slip

First stop, Le Hocq.  The high tide had just recently turned and the slipway framed the sunrise sky perfectly.

Looking across the sea to the land on the opposite side of the bay, brightly lit sunrise sky domineering over the land
Awesome colours of the sky above La Rocque

Whilst the majority of the local residents were still a slumber the glorious sky performed its sunrise dance, undeterred by the lack of onlookers.   Just look at those magnificent streaks of golden light!

A rocky outcrop near to shore, bathed in purple light from the sunrise sky, with a flock of birds gently flying by
Sunrise light around the three sisters

It felt very serene to stand at the waters edge, listen to ebb and flow of the gentle waves and the various calls of the seabirds.

A ruby red t4 VW campervan is sitting on the slipway in front of the Le Hocq Martello Tower
Ruby at Le Hocq Tower

This is Ruby, abandoned on the slipway at Le Hocq whilst we admired the sunrise in the opposite direction instead.

A bright yellow sunrise with a background of vibrant red streaked with gold, rising from the dark sea
Vibrant sunrise emerging from the waves

The glorious colours of the sky were beginning to fade a little, so we drove around the headland to La Roque Harbour, just in time to watch the vibrant sun emerge from the horizon, ablaze with colour and light.

The bright yellow sunrise emerging from the dark waves, with the cobbled slipway in the foreground
Sunrise from La Rocque harbour

The light of the sunrise and sky were beautifully reflected in the wet granite cobbles of the double slip at La Rocque.

The curve of La Rocque Harbour contains calm water and gentle waves within, with pastel coloured skies above
Calm waters and pastel skies in La Rocque Harbour

But the colour fades to pastels very quickly when facing away from the sunrise, all gentle and serene and calm in La Rocque harbour.

Far out at sea sits Seymour defensive Tower, under. Faded pink sunrise sky
Seymour Tower under a faded pink sky

Seymour Tower stands proudly against the faded sunrise sky, to stand guard over the bay for another day.

A seaweed strewn beach, with golden sands and the Harbour wall at La Rocque in the distance, under a pale and faded sunrise sky
Seaweed strewn beach behind La Rocque Harbour

Our cups of tea finished and the sunrise spectacle almost faded into insignificance, we drove to Webbers Lane and strolled along the beach from behind La Rocque Harbour to way beyond the Pontac slip, and back again.

A wide stretch of golden sand, with waves gently lapping nearby, and a strand of seaweed marking the high tide level
The golden sands of the Pontac beach

Understandably, given the indecent time of the day, we had the whole expanse of the beach to ourselves, leaving our virgin footsteps in the damp sand as we meandered through the flotsam and jetsam.

may have been looking for one of Ian Rolls little red huts, that may have been my compulsion for an early stroll on the beach – but please don’t tell my hubby, who thought I was being romantic!

We drove home, via the co-op at Pontac to pick up some fresh croissants, then jumped back into bed with a cup of tea – about the same time as the rest of the island were just opening their eyes…….

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.


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