Dawning of a new day at La Rocque

Can you feel the cool air that tells of changing seasons? If, like me, you have spent the last 8 weeks sleeping with the windows flung open and the duvet kicked to a heap at the bottom of the bed then perhaps you can feel the cooling of the morning breeze? I’m loving the long lazy days, but can tell the changes in sunrise times and can feel the breath of fresh air that tells us that summer is slowing down.

I’m not a winter person. Spring, summer and autumn I love, but not winter. Not those short days, the darkness, the damp and the cold. So that is why, when I feel the slowing of the summer, I have a tendency of trying to fill more into my day and make the most of being out and about whilst I can. Starting with sunrise. I love starting my day watching a stunning sunrise and Saturday morning at La Rocque Harbour was no exception.

The sky was a moody blue when we arrived, with the fishing boats gently bobbing on the incoming tide and Seymour Tower silhouetted against the cloud line.

20130819-062008.jpgAs we walked towards the harbour wall the sky grew rosier and rosier, and soon the amazing light was reflecting from the sky to the sand.

20130819-062458.jpg La Rocque is such a pretty little harbour with its short curved harbour wall. We have spent many evenings here through the years with various accumulations of children, nieces and nephews and friends, happily throwing ourselves off the harbour wall and into the harbour. When the tide is in of course.

20130819-063913.jpgJust as we reached the bench and settled down with our travelling mugs of steaming hot tea, up popped the sun, a gleaming flash of fiery red on the inky sea.

20130819-064559.jpgAs soon at it was up, the sun was setting again, behind a bank of low cloud.

20130819-070621.jpgAnd so we were blessed by a double sunrise as the light spilled over the cloud and lit up the morning sky and the small boats nestling in the harbour.

20130819-124350.jpgThe sunlight on the granite blocks of the harbour wall made them glisten like gold.

20130819-124547.jpg It was beautiful to watch the thick band of sunlight creep over the water towards us.

20130819-125057.jpg We wandered back along the harbour wall to the shore once more, and the beautiful house sitting atop the headland.

20130819-125621.jpgOne last look back at the pretty little beach (which gets sun all day long) and then it was time to head back home and carry on with the day.


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