Giddy beyond grubbiness

Giddy! Such a wonderful expression of just exactly how I am feeling right now. The Oxford Dictionary states ‘Disorientating and alarming, but exciting’ or ‘To feel excited to the point of disorientation.’ Yep. That’s me! Giddy, giddy (scared and excited), giddy.

I have lived in Jersey for 23 years this year, and for the last 22 years I have worked in the finance industry, and the last 9 of those years with the same employer. I have a good, interesting, challenging job in Compliance, where I work as part of a strong team. I have watched the business grow from one employee (me) to a penthouse office full of busy professional people.

20140427-225002.jpg But………….It’s just not me. I am the kind of person more at home in welly boots than suited and booted. My nails are more likely to be grimy from potting plants than wearing the latest colourful nail polish. I don’t think I have one designer label to my name. And my hair is lucky if I remember to drag a brush through it to make it presentable. I used to manage it, years ago when I worked part time, but I just don’t have the time or, to be truthful, the inclination when I work full time but have so many other interesting things that I prefer to spend my time doing.

There’s a saying that I love which goes ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got’. The answer being if you want change, make a change. And so I did! I did something very scary. In exactly 5 days time I am leaving my job and taking a six month sabbatical from working in the finance industry. With my fingers crossed I am hoping that I’ll manage to get some part-time or contract work from the autumn. And in the meantime I have so many plans! I’m planning on working my field, joining a month-long archaeological dig, lots of walking, reading and research, writing, photography, cooking and crafting, not to mention lots of time with my family. And all to the backdrop of a gorgeous Jersey summer.

20140427-225236.jpg I fully expect to work harder than I have done in years! Take my field, for instance – pictured above at the start of the season. Do you remember back when I showed you around the field for the first time? Here.

20140427-230538.jpg Knowing that I was going to be off for the summer we have already been working hard to make sure all the ground work is in place (which is no mean feat when there are prolapsed discs (me) or fractured ankles (hubby) to take into account). With the help of my niece, who managed to choose the wrong week to come on holiday, the vraic covered bed was dug over, new potatoes were duly planted, banked up and now are gently swelling ready for the table.

20140428-062420.jpgThe strawberries have been reinstated from a weed filled jungle to a neat and tidy row upon row strawberry bed. All 144 plants! There’s no such thing as too many strawberries………

20140428-064345.jpgThe garlic, shallots, red onions, white onions and spring onions have been companion planted with lettuce, beetroot and spinach and are nicely established.

20140427-231755.jpg I have had my field for 14 years this year, and whilst I have always followed organic principles, this year I went one step further and bought my seeds from The Organic Catalogue. I was like a kid at Christmas when the box arrived! Most of these are already in the ground, but I’ll tell you all about that another day.

It’s getting late and for now I do still have work in the morning and so I must sleep. And dream of grubbier times ahead.

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