On the 13th day of Christmas

I woke very early this morning, and something was missing. It may have been my hubby, who is currently in the UK to see The Who (who?), but really I think it was the lack of wind and rain that was missing! Too nice to stay in bed I was up, and out, as soon as it was light enough.

As I was walking on the beach, thinking Christmassy thoughts, I decided that I’d see if I could put together a 12-days-of-christmas themed nature trail whilst I wandered along the bay. And so I did, sort of!IMG_6923.JPGTwelve sea glass nuggets. IMG_6900.JPG Eleven Flint nodules. IMG_6879.JPG Ten cuttlefish bones. IMG_6886.JPG Nine limpet shells.

IMG_6939.JPG Eight granite monoliths.

IMG_6948.JPG Seven (vaguely) heart-shaped stones.

IMG_6918.JPG Six lively pebbles.

IMG_6908.JPG Five different seaweeds.

IMG_6921.JPG Four stripy stones.

IMG_6901.JPG Three flighty feathers.

IMG_6905.JPGTwo scallop shells.

IMG_6929.JPG And one (shark casing) mermaids purse.

My ten minute walk along the beach turned into 3 hours of outdoor fun in the sun. Wonderful!

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