Turn left at the Five Mile road

Tonight, my-friend-T and I headed west, way out west, all the way out west – to the majestic sweep of St Ouens bay. (It’s a long, long way from St Saviour).

We turned left on the Five Mile road and went on an adventure! Although I must say at this point, just because it’s roughly five miles between Corbiere and L’Etaq as the crow flies, doesn’t mean a 3 mile long road somewhere between the two should be called the Five Mile road!

20140618-001644.jpg Like the grown-up, sensible women that we are, we played shadowlands games with our silhouettes.

20140618-002019.jpg It’s amazing just how funny some sand castles and strategically placed seaweed can actually be! (Note to self – you may need to get out more).

20140618-001826.jpgWe tried to work out how many aliens had landed after finding two of these impressions in the sand.

20140618-002722.jpgWe were fascinated by these simple footsteps in the sand which, by the trick of the sunlight, look to be 3D and coming out of the sand.

20140618-002944.jpgIt was 8 o’clock on a nearly-summers evening and, apart from 3 hardy souls in the water, we had the whole beach to ourselves.

20140618-003648.jpg Very close to the slipway at La Braye is a wooden feature recently unveiled by the scoured sands, possibly old wooden groines, or a trackway of sorts.

20140618-003929.jpg The sand has smoothed and polished the long lengths of the feature, whilst the setting sun high lit the grooves and growth rings of the uprights. (Any dendrochronologist out there? We did also find 4 football sized chucks of peat along the bay too!)

20140618-092841.jpgWe sat a while on sun-warmed granite boulders, enjoying the sound of the sea and the sun on our face.

20140618-093001.jpgWe loved the call of the oyster catchers as they flew across the bay, into the setting sun.

20140618-093210.jpgThe sunset was glorious!

20140618-093728.jpgHuge skies! Full of warmth, and depth and colour. Full of wonder. It feels so good to be me, in the here and the now, in this place on earth and this place in my life – surrounded by amazing family and amazing friends. Feeling blessed.

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